Prison Memory Museum

Castiglia - Piazza Castello, 1
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Castiglia, as a penitentiary institution, has lived through a large part of the history of the Kingdom of Sardinia and of the national state: since its inauguration in 1828, the Saluzzo prison has lived through the Risorgimento, the first decades of national unity, the twenty-year Fascist period, and the advent of the Republic, up to its closure in 1992. Each of these historical periods corresponds to different conceptions of punishment and different criminal policy choices.

A new and evocative museum itinerary is set up in the old solitary confinement cells in the basement of the building, with displays of great emotional impact, supported by archival documentation of impeccable scientific rigour. Famous people, guards, and state officials, unknown to the public, dangerous brigands and poor marginalised people imprisoned for petty crimes make up the history of the first modern prison of the Savoy kingdom through a multimedia display that aims to involve the public, including non-experts and young people.

An all-round reflection on the prison, on its historical significance for modern democracies and on its infinite relations with art, cinema, and literature.

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