Museum of Civiltà Cavalleresca

Castiglia - Piazza Castello, 1
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People with reduced mobility
Entrance from Via San Lorenzo

Located on the third floor of the Castiglia, this is a “didactic museum” featuring multimedia installations and reproductions of documents and works, which allow visitors to discover the most important aspects or moments of the chivalrous and courtly society of the Marquisate, presenting one or more key figures, with the aim of inviting them to search for evidence evoked in the territory.

The tour is divided into 11 rooms in chronological order, from 1100 to 1500. It begins with a description of the world of chivalry, dealing with the theme of the dressing of the knight and the virtues he must possess, and then moves on to the birth of heraldry and the fate of the Marquis’ second sons, excluded from their inheritance. Marriages, ecclesiastical and military careers, and literary references (such as the poetry of the ancient troubadours, Boccaccio’s novella Griselda and Le Chevalier Errant) link the Marquisate of Saluzzo with the Papacy, the Empire, and the main European states as well as the Italian courts.

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