Summer in Saluzzo opens with “C’è fermento”, the festival of craft beers that in June attracts thousands of visitors to the city to taste a huge variety of beers produced in breweries all over Italy.

The narrow streets of the old town provide shady, cool corners, an excellent reason to stroll through the elegant palaces and magnificent churches of the ancient capital of the marquisate. The town’s museums offer special tours, often at sunset or at night. The pedestrian streets of the lower town centre are lively, the bars and restaurants welcome the many patrons for a tasty aperitif or a delicious dinner. Saluzzo has always been a meeting and leisure centre for young people from all over the territory.

The main economic sector of the marquisate is agriculture. As it has been the case for centuries, while in summer the population is largely engaged in working the land, from the beginning of September it is time for a weekend of rest and celebration, as well as an opportunity to celebrate the patron saint, San Chiaffredo, or to do important business at the National Exhibition of Agricultural Mechanics. The latter event opens the “Settembre Saluzzese” programme of cultural, entertainment and festive events in the town.

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